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Asphalt paving: excavation of existing asphalt. Preparation of base (adding, grading and compaction of zero 3/4 rock). Paving of new asphalt.



Asphalt resurfacing: **(can be done depending on the condition of the asphalt)...existing asphalt is cleaned using an industrial blower and mechanical broom. SS1 glue is applied to the surface. Paving of new asphalt.


Asphalt repairs: Simple Patch - pothole is cleaned in and around, SS1 Glue is applied as  a square around the hole, hole is filled with asphalt and compacted , a square is formed with asphalt around the filled up hole and compacted.

Potholes, cracks, bumps: a square is cut around the pothole, crack or bump and asphalt is removed, the rocks under are compacted, SS1 Glue is applied to the edges and sqaure is filled with asphalt and compacted.

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