Asphalt sealer ("BlackMac" oil based) is the substance that asphalt is made from, it holds the sand and rocks together. The sealer prevents cracks because it seals the asphalt so no water can get through, but at the same time it penetrates the asphalt making it breath restoring its natural elasticity, it doesn't sit on top like the store bought water based or acrylic sealer which is only a paint and is not good for the asphalt. Oil based sealer also protects against oil, gas spills, salt damage, harsh winter weather and sun oxidation. The most important benefits are that it rejuvenates the asphalt, extends its lifetime and keeps it looking brand new.


Work description: asphalt is cleaned using an industrial blower and a mechanical broom to remove all dirt and dust. All the cracks are cleaned and any growing weeds are removed. Any oil stains are burned out with an industrial torch. The "BlackMac" oil based sealer is applied with a specialized high pressure spray system.



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